We provide environmental services and environmental consulting services: the Environmental Manager specialist becomes your collaborator and your one-to-one representative in solving all environmental demands.

The team of Manager de Mediu has the capacity to provide an integrated package of environmental audit-control services. When performing an audit-control, your company will know where to act to address the most pressing environmental issues encountered.

We bring as novelty to the Romanian market: the Corporate Environmental Consultancy Pack, through which we make available to your company a well-established environmental expert capable and adapted to the area in which you carry out your activity, in order to ensure a complete customisation to the specificity of your activity.

Impact Assessment for Environmental projects and establish main impact lines in order to ensure the best environmental and professional environmental services in Romania

Environmental consultancy Romania and environmental services Romania personalised according to the results of envy analyses and specific audit

We are able to optimize our environmental consultancy services with your company environmental impact to fulfil the legal frame environmental compliance

Resources - ManagerdeMediu.ro

The Resource Page provides you with the opportunity to access tools commonly used by environmental consultants and experts to determine the impact and extraction of CO2 footprint for certain industrial activities with environmental impact as well as links to environmental...

Environmental Legislation – Environmental Compliance Consultancy Services - ManagerdeMediu.ro
Environmental Legislation – Environmental Compliance Consultancy Services

The environmental consultancy legislation page gives you access to the latest environmental protection laws and the possibility of downloading them. Environmental legislation harmonises and supports the direct connection between activities with environmental impact and current environmental regulations, optimize the list...