NEWS ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is a dynamic environmental company in Romanian market and starting to November 2018 we are able to support new environmental services and waste traceability services for our customers, as following:

– quantity and quality analysis for organic waste with presentation of energetic potential for organic waste for specific traceability to an renewable energy biological installation;
– feasibility studies for organic waste, waste organic traceability for specific streams and transforming of waste in renewable energy;
– minimise waste management costs service and organise specific waste traceability in order to minimise impact in company CAPEX;
– cost minimisation audits for energy consumed at the level of technical and technological processes;
– project management for specific analysis, implementation phase and start-up, operational services and specific optimisation services for renewable biomass energy production unit;
– location identification for new biomass energy production units and waste processing units;
– specific technological solutions for renewable industries;
– consulting environmental services and brokerage for biomass and large quantities of organic waste;
– corporate environmental services for Zero Waste concept, Zero Waste Audit, Used Water Audit, Waste Audits, Packaging and Waste Audits, Industrial KPI Audit for operational and Corporate area;

NEWS ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Our environmental consultancy team is able to offer in Romanian market, specific environmental consultancy services, environmental studies adapted to our customers profile, environmental responsibility services, environmental reporting to AFM, ANPM, packaging waste management services at the level o national market, waste management systems audits, site reports, environmental site reports, environmental authorisation, annual visa for environmental authorisation, waste packaging traceability and valorisation waste services.